PPR piping systems are widely used in most common establishments on different regions for  potable water supplies. Applicable and widely accepted in schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and construction sectors due to it’s safe properties. Among the notable properties o f PPR pipes are strength, elasticity, corrosion, chemical and high temperature resistance. For more information:

Cross linked polyethylene or commonly known as PEX pipes are made of condensed and modified polyethylene molecules developed specially to improve its’ physical properties. PEX piping systems can be used independently or can complement with PPR system produced by RAKtherm. Cross linked polyethylene results durable and safe specifically for high temperatures. PEX pipes are very stable thermally and do not change its’ chemical and physical properties even when heat is applied.

RAK duct is a versatile and comprehensive electrical conduit and piping system for protection and routing of electrical wirings extensively used in wiring installations for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. The creative solution in product range combined with thorough design development renders RAKduct as superior in electro-mechanical industry. RAKduct offers a complete UPVC conduits and trunk systems for electrical, telecoms, and computer data cable wirings with fast and easy installation.

RAKcap – Offers Innovative Broad Range of Closures! Which aims to develop products that will give accomplishments to our customers, thus provide packaging solutions in the beverage industry. RAKcaps’ technology provide superior safety for product integrity and intensified remarkable quality. The application of latest engineering techniques in our manufacturing process is essential to produce globally competitive products for the world market.