Ultimate Piping Solutions

Systems Solutions

With the highest quality that are conformed with German manufacturing standards which gained the trust in healthcares, educational institutions, residential, commercial, and construction sectors for all applications of hot and cold water deliveries.

Here are the following applications of RAKtherm’s piping system:

Commercial factories with high-pressure water and compressed air circuits. Rain drainage and collection systems. Leisure facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools or gyms. Irrigation and agricultural applications. Water supply to agricultural fields under high pressure. Industrial applications like the delivery of aggressive chemical fluids viz: acidic, alkaline, reactive and corrosive chemicals.

In addition to that our products are also perfect for application in small to medium industries such as:

Connections from municipality water supply to the tanks and reservoirs. Connecting boilers and radiators.Creating reservoirs for water deliveries, ventilations, and pressure reliefs.Transports water from sources to storage or distribution points. Connections through meters, and distributor manifolds. Distribution inside residential flats and apartments.Under floor network distribution and under floor heating network